Policies / Rates

currently not taking in home lessons, due to overbooking.

Billing Policies

Effective January 31, 2013, I will be switching billing to a monthly tuition model. Tuition will be due the first of the month and no later than the 7th day of the month. Students cannot receive lessons until tuition is paid in full.
Students wishing to have an occasional lesson,which is less than 4 lessons in the month, will have to make an appointment before desired lesson. You will have to call me to make your appointments. Please use my direct line (678) 927-7351. I cannot take appointments for lessons the day of your call. I can no longer reserve a scheduled day or time for non tuition students.


Only approved cancellations will be granted with proper notice. Proper notice is 3 days (weekend days included) before a scheduled lesson. Students will not be charged if given proper notice. Tuition students canceling a lesson without proper notice will be charged IN FULL for a lesson, you will forfeit that lesson and there will be no make ups.

Students making appointments will have 24 hours to give proper notice. Please note: the day of your appointment is not proper notice. Students will be charged a $30 cancellation fee in which I will issue an invoice for you to pay. Students cannot be granted a future lesson until the cancellation fee is paid in full.

*** Please Note: No only are you purchasing lessons, you are purchasing my time and effort. Unapproved cancellations waste my time and energy, so I ask for fair compensation to protect my efforts.***

Sudden illness
If you are subject to sudden illness, Tuition students will be granted an excuse only ONE time per month, however makeups should be made within 7 days or forfeit that lesson. Appointment making students will still be subject to the cancellation fee.

Holidays or Bad Weather
Earthshaking closes on Easter, Memorial Day,July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Tuition students will not be billed should your lesson fall on those holidays. In cases of bad weather and cancellations have to be made, no one will be billed.

*$118 per month, in studio only. Due on the first which reserves time and date.
*With proper notice, reschedule within 7days. No proper notice, forfeit of a lesson.
*Sudden illness: One excuse per month must reschedule a makeup within 7 days or forfeit a lesson.
*Holiday and/or Bad Weather: No penalty, reschedule of lesson.
*Teacher Cancellation: No penalty, lesson will be rescheduled.

* $30 per lesson. Must call ahead for a time and date.
*With proper notice of 24 hours, not day of, no penalty. No proper notice $30 cancellation fee. No additional lessons will be granted until fee is paid.
*Sudden illness: Cancellation fee of $30. No additional lessons be granted until cancellation fee is paid.
*Bad Weather: No penalty
*Teacher Cancellation: No penalty, lesson will be rescheduled.

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                     In Studio Tuition 

Lessons taught at Earthshaking Music may be purchased individually. Rates are $25.00/30 minute lesson or $50.00/1 hour lesson.

(Recommended if you want piano lessons and do not have a piano or keyboard in home.)

                  In Home Lessons Tuition

30 Minute Lessons – $160/month

Hour Lessons (standard) – $240/month

(please note: 5-week months are $300)

In Home tuition payments are due at the first lesson of each month. Students are to pay for that month’s tuition in advance via cash, check or PayPal payment.  Students whose lesson payments are not current will not receive a lesson until payment is received. If paying by check, please make the check payable to the instructor.

Please understand that In-Home tuition reserves your lesson time and promotes consistency.

                             Cancellations for all Lessons

We all have busy lives and sometimes there will be times we need to cancel a lesson.

*Lessons, if need be,  should be cancelled with more than 24 hours notice.

*Cancelled lessons with less than 24 hours notice cannot be made-up.

Make-ups are available for cancelled lessons and are given at the teachers discretion within the month, often within the week.  I do my best to accommodate everyone.  Priority scheduling is given to those students who maintain a regular schedule.

                            Weather Policy:

Sometimes school and other activities are canceled on storm days, and thus maybe the case with your lesson. If in doubt as to whether or not lessons are on, please give me a call; the final decision on storm cancellations will be left to the discretion of the teacher. Students will not be charged for lessons canceled by the instructor.


Lessons may or may not be canceled on national holidays. Any lessons canceled will be adjusted for at the beginning of that month; you do not pay for lessons that fall on these holidays.  Lessons will be given during school vacations unless otherwise noted by your instructor.

PLEASE NOTE: Students will not be charged for lessons canceled by the instructor.