Voice Lessons/ Vocal Coaching

Interested in learning how to sing?

Whether you are wanting to build self-confidence, preparing for an event, or you want to pursue a career, I can give you the support you need.

I focus on Breathing techniques, Posture, Diction and Articulation. I can help you learn your favorite song with ease.  You will learn to sing stronger, sing higher, and sing with complete confidence, in all styles including gospel, blues, rock, pop, jazz, musical theater, classical, country and opera with amazing high notes, great power and control, and an amazing vocal technique that will last a lifetime.

People wonder how many lessons are needed to become “good” or “great”. That depends on you and how devoted you are to be the best you can possibly be. Think of it this way, the best athletes in the world (and Singers) continue to train in order to produce the best results.